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Sales inquiry and consultation: +34 902 05 24 94
imagen We are an Official Agency in Thailand
TAT Licence 14/01156. Trust your journey to professional and avoid surprises
imagen Official Guides and in English
Quality written in comments. Don't miss the important information
imagen Only pay 5% of the pre-booking
The rest in the destination or 30 days before the arrival
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Issue invoice and voucher. No hidden fees
More reasons why to trust us
Tours, sightseeing and holiday packages in Thailand

Who we are Travel Agency in Thailand

Nice Experience Co, Ltd, legally established company as a official local travel agency in Thailand specially for English speaking people.

Our tax ID is 0105554131564 and the license of the travel agency TAT 14/01156. We have a head office downtown Bangkok, Thailand, and representative based in Barcelona, Spain.

We organize trips, tours, circuits and packages in Thailand. We can adapt or modify any of our packages to suit our travelling customers.

Travellers who contact us to help them on their journey to Thailand are from all the countries.

For more than three years of operation, we have offered services to more than 300 groups of travellers from different countries.

¿Why us?

We reveal our 14 value propositions...

1: Official Agency in Thailand. 14/01156 TAT license issued by the Government of Thailand.

Avoid unpleasant surprises and fraud. It exists, like in all other sectors, unqualified and unprofessional companies.

2: Issue invoice. All legal.

After payment 5% for pre-booking, we issued invoice and receipt of the amount paid, to pay the outstanding amount and the contracted services.

3: You only pay 5% of the total amount for the pre-booking.

Do not make large down payments. You will only pay on 5% of the total amount for the pre-booking and ensure your space of your trip to Thailand. We must be sure that your booking is real, so we ask 5% surcharge.

4: Discounts.

We apply discounts to our customers, always without losing quality of service.
- 5% to hire more than 3 tours, circuits or packages.
- 3% on more than 3 loose excursions.
- 5% to hire for more than 3 people, whether single trips or complete packages.
- Actual daily Discounts of up to 5% visible when you add a product to the shopping reservation.
- Discounts through promotional codes applied to each case of up to 7%. Want one? Contact us!
- Important discounts for groups over 6 people.

5: Knowledge of Thailand.

Unlike other agencies, Nice Experience operates only in Thailand, with extensions highly maintained to neighboring countries, bringing the knowledge of the country is upmost. We'll show you the tourist-oriented and less crowded Thailand, as you prefer!

6: Trips and private tours.

Do not get together with other groups. The Guide and transportation are just for you. Quality and attention to the treatment and explanations.

7: Flexibility.

We adapt to the client and not the client to us. We offer complete tours and loose trips, but can vary, modify and adapt our trips and tours to the needs of every traveler.

8: We are not a simple web that intermediates between the client and Guides.

Unlike other websites and companies, we do not intermediate between the client and receptive guides. Nice Experience has an office in Bangkok, capital of Thailand and has its own official guides. We do not subcontract any services. We cover the whole process from start to the end. Our value proposition is not limited to close the booking and issue you a coupon book, but much more!

9: Official Guides in English.

All of our guides, without exception, are English-speaking officers and guides. Quality and knowledge in explanations make a difference in the trip to Thailand, especially in cultural visits. All our guides speak perfect English, besides having an excellent attitude towards the customer. We conducted a post service survey for our customers to assess the travel guides.

10: Close touch and security.

Office in the destination, Thailand. We have real offices in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and in Barcelona, Spain. Any problem can be dealt with swiftly and decisive manner.

11: Travel insurance on all excursions and tours.

All our excursions and tours in Thailand include travel insurance with the leading company Bangkok Insurance, with coverage up to 1 million Thai Baths.

12: Clear rates with no hidden fees.

The rates you see on the website are real. There are no hidden fees or "from's".

13: Secure Payment.

To make a pre-booking, if you make the payment by credit card you'll do it in a safe environment with SSL encryption security.

14: Custody of luggage and local mobile phone.

If you hire a tour package or circuit in Thailand, at least of 10 days, we keep your baggage at the capital of Bangkok to be able to travel light to the rest of the country. In addition we provide a local mobile phone balance to communicate with our guides, staff and director in Thailand. Maybe you need recommendations in doubt ... we offer 24 hours of care for your attention.

You can trust us

Nice Experience Co, Ltd

Registered in Thailand
License 14/01156

The team

Pedro Martín


I am passionate about travel, but Thailand is definitely different. My first trip to Thailand was over 10 years ago, it marked a before and after. I am passionate about people and their smiles.

Thanks to my advanced training in Finance and 25 years of investment experience and consulting in Europe, I decided to contribute my knowledge on issues of strategy, organization and quality to Nice Experience.


Sirirat Kaewkhiew


I am a lover of my country, Thailand. Country full of culture, entertainment, and more smiles. It is a pleasure to work daily excursions and tours offering to our traveling customers.
I have advanced training in Business Administration and 7 years of experience in the tourism sector that today I bring in managerial and strategy to Nice Experience.


Víctor Martín

Marketing & Cofounder

I always liked the Asian culture and specifically Thailand. Thailand has a special essence that no other countries has. I traveled to Thailand 18 times between 2000 and 2010 until in 2010, together with other partners, we created Nice Experience and decided to move my residence in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have advanced training in Marketing and 7 years of experience in consulting, specifically online marketing, and it is in this area where I contribute my knowledge. Other than Marketing I perform other functions: making proposals and quotations, creating new routes and tours in Thailand, together with the guides, customer reception to welcome the first day along with the guide, a 24-hour call service to our traveller customers for inquiries or control of organizational details.


Raimundo Ozamu

Planner of routes & director of guides

I have advanced training in English by the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

In addition, I have attended several training courses in English.

I possess 10 years of experience as a guide to travelers who speak English in the most important agencies in Thailand.

I plan the usual routes in Thailand and organize different packages for our traveling customers.



Official Guide in Thailand

Bangkok and central plains.

She speaks fluent English and is very attentive. Over 15 years of experience working as a tour guide to major operators in Thailand.



Official Guide in Thailand

Bangkok and surroundings: Damnoen Saduak, Garden of Roses, Kwai River, Ayutthaya, Mae Klong...

Fluent in English and is always laughing. Over 5 years of experience as a great guide of major local agencies in Thailand.



Official Guide in Thailand

Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Golden Triangle.

Speaks fluent English and is very friendly. More than 12 years of experience working for local agencies in northern Thailand.






Our offices:


973, 10th Floor, President Tower
Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan
10330 Bangkok


C/ Enrique Granados 137, 1º 2º
08008 Barcelona
Phone: +34 902 05 24 94
We are authorized Agency
by the Government of Thailand

T.A.T. License
No. 14/01156

Nice Experience
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Nice Experience Co, Ltd is a company recognized as a travel agency in Thailand.ID: 0105554131564

Nice Experience Co, Ltd an official travel agency in Thailand based in Bangkok. ID: 0105554131564. We offer tours, sightseeing and attractions in Bangkok, Phuket, Pi Pi Island, Krabi, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle and more!



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