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Tours, sightseeing and holiday packages in Thailand
FAQ Thailand Tours and Packages

What can I book in Thailand Tours & Packages?

1. Single tours (less than 1 day, without accommodation).
2. Complete Tours with hotel (more than 1 day with accommodation).
3. Complete Tours without hotel (more than one day without accommodation).
4. Complete Tours with hotel and domestic flights (more than one day with accommodation).

What can I not book in Tours & Packages?

1. Accommodation only.
2. Internal flights only.
3. International flights.
4. Excursions and tours for just one person.

Will I share the trip with other travelers?

No. All our services are private.

What is included and not included excursions and tours?

As a general practice…

They do include: official guide in English, van minibus transfers, tickets, travel insurance Bangkok Insurance.

They do not include: tips to driver and guide (optional), lunch and dinner.

WE RECOMMEND consulting the tab WHAT IS INCLUDED AND NOT INCLUDED? at the bottom of each tour and excursion page, to see the special details of each activity.

Can I change the tours that exist in the web? Can I customize them?

For groups of 2-3 people, we allow "minor" modifications. For groups of 4 or more people, we can customize 100% the circuit or tour.

Can I book trips or excursions from Thailand?

No. We accept no booking less than 15 days in advance. We offer a professional service and we like having everything well-planned for the customer to have the best experience possible.

How to know if a tour includes hotel?

If a tour does NOT include accommodation, you will have the option to add it via an option in the bottom of the page called "I would like to add HOTELS in this circuit." (The additional fee will be specified and through the "See deatils!" link you will see the hotel included)

By default, if this option to add hotels in the tour if not showed, all tours include accommodation.

Do I have to pay in advance?

You only pay 5% for pre-booking.

  • If you hire single excursions without accommodation and domestic flights, only pay 5% of the total amount, the remaining amount in cash in local currency (Thai Bath) the first day of the activity (we will communicate you this amount, based on the exchange rate the day of your reservation).
  • In all circuits, packages or tours that include hotels and/or domestic flights, you must make the remaining payment (95%) at least 25 calendar days prior to the completion of your first activity in Thailand. This payment must be made by bank transfer or credit card. Many customers, especially in South America, prefer to make a single payment for foreign exchange constraint issues in their country. No problem, we adapt to each specific case.

How is the payment of the pre-booking or other payments made?

You can pay by:

  • Credit card.
  • Paypal.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Cash.

After payment of the pre-booking do you send me any document?

Yes. Specifically:

  • Invoice of contracted services.
  • Detailed voucher of the contracted services, names of the guides, pick up times, meeting points and other details (previously we will have requested you some data).

What is the profile of our traveling customers?

The profile is varied, but in general, is a travel lover, used to travel and who wants to be treated professionally from the minute 1. He/she is a discerning traveler and appreciates the little things. Our traveler profile looks for a specialized agency, that knows the country in detail. They do not want surprises, but an unforgettable journey, an experience!

Is there any discount?

We offer the following discounts:

  • 5% if you book more than 3 excursions or tours.
  • 5% if you make a booking for more than 3 people.
  • We launch random discounts of up to 8% off.

These discounts will be visible once you add all the excursions and tours you want to the booking cart.

What if I have to cancel or postpone the trip?

We recommend you consult our general conditions, namely the point 11 which communicate our cancellation policy.

Why are your tours, trips and excursions more expensive?

Not all local agencies, and destination and tour agencies, include the same and offer the same quality level of service.

If you compare our proposal with others, we would like you pose these questions:

  • Is the trip private or shared with other travelers? (the experience and trait to go private with only your loved ones or alternatively with a small group of 4-5 people is not the same than a group of more than 6-7 people).
  • Are shuttles public transport or private Mini Bus transport?
  • Are the ticket entries included in the tours?
  • Are meals and dinner included in the tours?
  • In the tours including accommodation, which category are the hotels? And even being in the same category, what other travelers say on websites like tripadvisor in their reviews?
  • Do the excursions and tours include travel insurance?
  • Does it include a qualified driver for the mini bus?
  • Are the petrol and tolls included?
  • Are the guides official? Or is it a not entitled person? (important for cultural visits in order to answer the questions).
  • Do the guides speak English correctly? Are students, recent graduates or have a minimum experience of 10 years?
  • Do the guides have a positive attitude towards the traveler?
  • Is an invoice of the service issued?
  • Is an official agency who provided me the service?
  • Are taxes included in the rates?
  • Does not exist the "from"'s?

We tell and we guarantee that all our services are PRIVATE, that transfers are in PRIVATE MINIBUS, which in most excursions and tours include ENTRIES, LUNCH and DINNERS, that we work with 4 and 5 stars HOTELS tested by us personally, that we include a TRAVEL INSURANCE with the leader company Bangkok Insurance, that the DRIVER OF THE VEHICLE IS QUALIFIED, which include GASOLINE AND TOOLS. that all our guides, without exception, are OFFICIAL GUIDES WHO SPEAK a PERFECT ENGLISH, with a minimum of 10 years of experience and that have a positive attitude towards the customer (because they are better-paid than other guides in the industry and work in a friendly and professional environment), that we issue INVOICE AND VOUCHER of our services, that all our web rates include taxes and there is no any "from" or final surprise rate increase, and that are an OFFICIAL AGENCY IN THAILAND, we provide professional service to travelers and offer more than a journey, an experience!

We are convinced that we are not the only option, there are very valid agencies, but know what you sign. To compare two proposals, you must do so under the same conditions to assess which one you prefer. Do not be fooled!

Our offices:


973, 10th Floor, President Tower
Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan
10330 Bangkok


C/ Enrique Granados 137, 1º 2º
08008 Barcelona
Phone: +34 902 05 24 94
We are authorized Agency
by the Government of Thailand

T.A.T. License
No. 14/01156

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